Friday, February 24, 2006

Friends Who Got Away

I'm reading a great book (actually it's a collection of short stories) about women friendships and how they all seem to just...implode, dissolve or just end. The amazing thing is that I thought this only happened to ME but this book made me realize their are a whole lot of bitches out there who dump friends without warning.

There was the girlfriend in Oklahoma who was my kindred spirit who enjoyed the same things I did and we both had babies born within a day of each other. I moved out of state and she stopped returning my calls. Or the new friend I met who took me clubbing and had an incredibly sharp wit. She met someone and stopped returning my calls (nevermind that I was in a relationship, too, but found time to call HER). Or the friend from high school who moved to my town...and then moved away without leaving me a forwarding address or phone number.

Who knows what happens? I do know that I was always a friend to each of them but I couldn't keep them as my friends. I was always the one who made 'just one last' phone call to them...three years after the friendship is over. I just can't let go. I remember them all. And you know what? It fucking sucks.

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