Monday, March 13, 2006

Stalker Thy Name is Repo Man

So....I'm getting a little nervous because we haven't made a car payment since um....December. We moved in January and I'm pretty sure the finance company doesn't know where we are but I still have this feeling that I'm going to come sauntering out of the Target one day and my car will be gone. Just gone. Into the ether. I don't want it to happen but that financial crisis I was talking about a few posts back took the car payment and most of the mortgage money. No, we don't have an emergency fund because every time we start to save for a rainy day we have a freakin' typhoon! I'm not trying to stiff them but food, heat and the house come first. Everyone else has to get in line. This sucks. Thank God for garages or the Nike Express would probably be our only mode of transport.

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