Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I &hearts Ebay

Ebay is the flea market of the internet except I don't have to get up at o'dark thirty, load all my junk into my car, find a place to set up my booth, unload all my junk into said booth, pretty it all up and try and hawk it to old ladies on a fixed budget. I love that Ebay is really user friendly. I've gotten pretty good at selling on Ebay over the years. Last summer, I netted nearly $500 in sales in about two weeks time. I got on an Ebay kick and began scouring thrift stores for more stuff to sell. Then, I got fed up. For every great thing about Ebay (well...the money is really the only great thing about Ebay), all the crap I had to put up with was so annoying: whiny customers, endless treks to the Post Office, and merchandise returns. The flea market doesn't take returns. Neither does your neighborhood garage sale, but some people expect Ebayers to accept returns because the used merchandise was..well...too used for their liking. Get the fuck outta here. After a few of those customers, I called it quits for the summer.

This summer, I hope to be a bit more productive and actually generate a steady stream of income from my Ebaying. I know what sells well (hint: it ain't hand knitted baby sweaters). If I can maintain my momentum, I hope to net $300 or more on a monthly basis. Considering that I am less edgy because of my happy pills, I'm not so sure that I will actuallly care enough to keep on Ebaying on a regular basis.

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