Monday, June 12, 2006

How NOT To Plan a Frugal Birthday Party

Every time Lizzie's birthday rolls around, I swear that I will not go overboard and that we will have a quiet, family party at home. Of course, that whole plan goes right out the door because when it comes to the kids' birthdays I get a little crazy.

Last year, Lizzie's party was at a local bowling alley and it was so cool because they have cosmic bowling all the time and they play cartoons for the kids 24/7 on the big screens. And, oh yeah, they give you the socks and bring the shoes to your lane. Those two things alone were worth the $275 we dropped on that party.

Olie's party was held at Build-A-Bear for ten of her closest friends. It was so much fun! And she still talks about it (though she still talks about a lot of things I wish she wouldn't, like the death of Herbie, but moving on...).

So, this year we're having a home party but it's not going to be very quiet. We've planned field games, Henna tattoos (Grandpa might blow a gasket on this one) and a scavenger hunt. Oh, and it's a sleepover. With Ten girls. Madhubby and I will be insane by Saturday morning but Lizzie will have great memories to last her all year round. Well, at least until the next blowout birthday party.

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