Tuesday, August 1, 2006

A Day in The Life

9:00 am - Drive ten minutes to Jamba Juice because it has curbside pickup unlike the one that is five minutes away from our house. Curbside pickup was definitely invented by a parent.

9:10am - Drag kid screaming from Jamba Juice because she wanted Strawberries Wild and NOT PEACH PASSION! I HATE PEACH PASSION!! WAAAAHHHH!

9:30am - Visit yarn store.

9:40am - Leave yarn store with screaming toddler. Piles of yarn, unhappy sales women (do any men work in yarn stores?), and one frightened store dog tell the tale of destruction.

10:00am - Visit Karen's . Drag screaming toddler and five-year old from bakery because I WANTED A COOKIE NOT A CUPCAKE!! WAAAHHHH!

10:10am - Embark on cupcake binge. Four cupcakes lost their wrapping.

11:00am - Stop at Target because we are completely out of diapers. Toddler screams the entire thirty minutes we are in Target because noone will indulge him in his "key game." You know, he drops the keys and wants them back so that he can drop them. Again. And Again.

Three different redshirts - under the guise of helpfulness - ask if they can help us locate something. Anything, just take your screaming kid out our store.

11:10am - Arrive home. Feed the children lunch. Send one to nap and two to watch a movie. Never. Leave. The. House. Again.

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