Saturday, August 5, 2006

Have You Seen My Son?

Because the Bubba I used to know has been replaced by a screaming mobile monster. Honestly, I'm not sure what happened. One day, we're cruising along nicely and the next day his head is spinning 'round and pea soup is shooting out of his mouth! We have crashed headlong into the terrible twos.

As a first time mom, I thought the terrible twos were an urban legend. And, for my girls, they were. Ages three and four were much, much worse than two. But, true to form, Bubba is taking my previously held beliefs about parenting and trashing them. He's technically not even two yet; we've got about two more months. Yet, he is the textbook "terrible two."

Yesterday, he refused to get into the shopping cart at Target. He can't just say "No, Mommy. I think I'll walk, today." He has to scream as though I'm trying to dip him into a vat of hot lava! Normally, I love it when my little guy wants to hold my hand but not when I'm trying to avoid "Target Brain" (you know, it's the inexplicable forgetfulness of your shopping list as soon as you enter the red zone). A trip that should have taken twenty minutes took an hour. An hour! No lazy browsing. Full on chasing Bubba around the store as he picked up (and discarded) school supplies, batteries, cd's....Now, you probably understand why the redshirts were so eager for us to leave their store.

I am almost at my wit's end with Bubba but I can't give him away nor beat him into submission, so I just inwardly hope that the tantruming will soon stop and we can go back to the way it was. In the meantime, I make sure to take my daily dose of Zoloft and avoid public places as much as possible.

Bubba's temporary insanity and my forced home confinement have led to a plethora of knitting projects, which is a very good thing as my needles have been quite rebellious:

Olie's Purple Haze hat

Pink Luv My Beans Sack

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