Tuesday, October 31, 2006

From Witches to Wise Men

Today, in Target, I noticed something: the Halloween decorations had been compressed to only a few aisles to make room for sleighs, holiday lights and tinsel. Even the music deparment had a display rack of holiday music on the main aisle.

Usually, I dread the holiday season because it means relatives descending on my home, which is chaotic at best. It means cooking and cleaning and coordinating of activities for people from 2 to 72, which is no easy task. Especially, with relatives like mine.

This year, though, I am looking forward to the season with a peace I haven't felt in years. Maybe it's the truce I've struck with Madhubby to have his mother visit every other year instead of every year, like she has since we've been married. Or maybe, its because I'm excited to gift my handmade knitting items to our family members. Or maybe, it's because this is the year Bubba will finally get it: Santa, presents, the tree. All of it. And, it's so exciting to see Christmas through a child's eyes. I can't wait!

Call me a freak, but I love Christmas music. A local radio station begins their 24hr, nonstop Christmas music format the day after Thanksgiving, which means we get to enjoy wonderful, seasonal music right on up through the twenty-sixth of December. It's so much fun for us to drive through our neighborhood and enjoy the decorations, while listening to holiday music, and sipping hot cocoa. It's such a magical time!

Oh, and if you're on my Christmas card list, then look for St. Nick (disguised as your local postman) to bring you your very own Tower of Chocolate.

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