Thursday, October 26, 2006

Week Rounded Out - 10.27.06

Yesterday heralded in our first (and most likely only) blizzard of winter. It really was more of an inconvenience than a blizzard. The wet, heavy snow that collects, and forms slushy puddles, in that curved area between the end of your driveway and the beginning of the road, and screams landmine to a mom, is too inviting to pass up for a toddler. So, there were a lot of wet mittens and clothing.

Our neighbor lost a large portion of her tree -- some of which fell on her roof. We almost lost our cherry tree and our plum tree gave up a branch. Thankfully, nothing but snow fell on our roof.

I drove the girls to school and then popped over to Home Depot for the requisite 2-cycle Engine Oil concotion. Gas? Check. Oil? Check! Working snowblower? Um...I'll have to get back to you on that one. The deal that seemed so great in July (Look, honey, a Toro snowblower for $25!) is beginning to smell a bit like lemon. Hopefully, a quick trip over to Mike & Ike's small engine repair shop will soon have the Toro purring like a kitten.

I'm nursing a nasty late season cold, which means I cannot get my flu shot with the girls this weekend. So, I will just have to go in when I'm all better. Bubba can be my shot buddy. Shh!!! Don't tell him. He just thinks the doctor wants to look in ears! The girls say they are going to be brave for each other.

And, finally, some good news from our health insurance: Madhubby's "baby" was completely covered with no out-of-pocket expenses on our part. All $5,238.63. Thank goodness for group coverage. Seriously, if I were uninsured, there is no way in hell I would take a trip to the ER unless I was actually dying. Because if I can't afford to pay for health insurance, then I sure as shit can't afford to pay 5k for a kidney stone diagnosis. That's right. They didn't even remove the gnarly stone. Just told him to drink lots of water and wait for it to pass.

Maybe, I should have been a doctor*:

Doc, my head really hurts

That's because there's a nail sticking out of your forehead! Go home, lie down and drink a lot of vodka.

Oh! That's it?

That's it. That'll be three thousand dollars.

Talk about living the dream.

*except science and I don't get along

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