Friday, November 24, 2006

Week Rounded Out - 11.24.06

We had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday. The brisket was tender and savory; the sweet potatoes perfectly whipped and subtly sweet; and the four cheese macaroni was deemed "the best mac & cheese in the world" by Madhubby. My family even gave me a standing ovation. For dinner. I'm such a lucky mama.

The only downer of the day was the Broncos got their ass handed to them in KC, which in turn made my fantasy football team totally suck! I ain't mad atcha' Shanahan. But, Jake Plummer? Grab some pine and stay there. For the rest of the season.

Of course, not getting to see Peyton Manning throw the pigskin was also a bummer. New rule, courtesy of me: Indianapolis shall play all holidays on which football is shown. Let's put that into effect right now, just in time for Christmas. Football fans: you're welcome.

Now that Thansgiving is officially behind us, I can really start decorating for Christmas. On Wednesday, I placed some poinsettia garland atop the piano and a beautiful, lit, star in the breakfast room, but so far that's it because I follow the unspoken social norm: no holiday lights before Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, it will be two more weeks before we purchase our tree because hello I don't want the tree to shed all its needles before December 25th. Until then, I will be content going through the contents of my two holiday tubs and placing fun stuff, like the dancing Santa, throughout the house.

Since we are now "officially" in the homestretch, all sorts of holiday markets and family events are on tap. We will, of course, take in the requisite showing of the Nutcracker and enjoy some hand bell caroling. But, tonight, we're going to start our holiday season off right with some holiday lights and ice skating. Hot cocoa and holiday spirit required.

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