Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Send in the Negro

This afternoon on NPR, I was whisked back to slavery times. Randi Rhodes emphatically declared we ought to "Send a Black man to Clean Up a White mans' mess." Whaaat?! Her comment was so abrasive that I almost rear-ended the car in front of me.

The "black man" is Barack Obama and the "white man" is, of course, Dubya. Ms. Rhodes was predicting that Obama could undo the shit storm created by Dubya, should Obama become our country's next President. As if.

Obama is a gifted speaker. No doubt about it. He's educated, he's passionate and he's anti-war, which is a HUGE advantage for any political candidate right now. If he were white, he would be a shoe-in. But, he ain't and this country is just not ready for a black or female president. Don't get all self-righteous on me. You know it's true! I do not think our country will elect a woman or a person of color to the office of President in my lifetime, and I'm hoping for at least another good fifty years. But, If you're privileged and stupid, then you've got a decent chance.

Face it, when it comes to electing the leaders of our country, we have not done a very good job. Our country elected a redneck, Texas cowboy who describes himself as "average." Hell, our country elected a Hollywood actor.

Aside from being average (and stupid and privileged), Dubya allegedly liked the white powder and booze. Well, at least he's not doing unseemly things to cigars or carrying on affairs with movie stars. I voted for Clinton and I love JFK, but not because of the things he did during his Presidency. I love him because - well- he was a silver-tongued devil, and every woman loves a bad boy.

But, Obama? He's easy on the eyes and he's got that silver-tongue, too, but I predict that two years from now, he will not be elected the next leader of our country. Ain't gonna happen. The negro can be a house slave, but he will never get to be Master.

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