Thursday, December 28, 2006

Which Circle of Hell is Reserved for Impatient Law Students?

Okay, so we've had more snow in the past few days than we have had in the past three years. Sure. And, we're supposed to get more of the same today on into the weekend. Got it. Well, this is Colorado and it does snow here, so I really don't think it's necessary that operations completely shut down. Especially, when I am waiting to hear from four different potential employers.

Yep, my non-profit gig is still humming right along, so I am gainfully employed. I have received a HUGE, career-making project but I still need more. More work and more money will do quite nicely. Not quite in that order, so I'll take more money now.

I know lawyers around here have to bill 2400 hours per year, but you'd think they could make - oh - ten or fifteen minutes to review my resume. I think that's reasonable, don't you? I mean, my goodness, If the waiting doesn't make me crazy, the stress and the constant eating certainly will make me fat. Send good vibrations my way, people. Good vibrations.

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