Thursday, January 11, 2007

Back in the Saddle

2L spring is underway. Today was the first day of what I predict will be a really good semester. My classes were interesting and full of people I don't know, which can be a good thing. I got my locker and my books ($325) all sorted out and even managed to squeeze into a few classes from the wait list. Very nice, indeed.

I am super-psyched that my Sexual Orientation Law class is taught by a real, live lesbian, which is so important because a staunchly hetero male or female might have difficulty striking the right tone in a class like this. My lesbian professor is smart as whip, has a big personality and is a very smart dresser. I like her. A lot. Yeah, I've got a little bit of a girl-crush going.

Con Law and Admin Law are both taught by The Wanderer. He never stays where he is supposed to: at the front of the class, firmly behind the lectern. No, he wanders around. He peeks over your shoulder at your computer screen. He calls on you as you take a drink of your coffee, then laughs like a schoolkid when brown liquid squirts from your nose.

All I can say is thank goodness for Mac Expose. One quick flick of the mouse and *poof* my active screens totally disappear. So, The Wanderer will never know that I was IMing Madhubby and the babysitter while shopping for UGGs at Nordstrom. Aside from having to learn a shitload of substantive law and hiding my screens every two seconds, his classes should be a blast.

And, my last class of the day: Multiculturalism, Race and the Law. Oh. My. Goodness. Loving it. The 25 page paper is going to be tough but the subject matter trumps everything I have learned in law school up to this point. Even the gross and odd cases from Torts. It's that good. The people are laid-back and open-minded, which is so unlike law school folk. Good vibes. Good day. Tomorrow: a lunch meeting, an interview, and high hopes are on the menu.

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