Friday, January 26, 2007

Blogging, Interrupted

Please accept my apologies but blogging has been (and will continue to be) somewhat infrequent. I could bore you with the details of:

(a) too much Admin Law class work (yes, we have actual work, that our Professor does not grade, but that we have to complete and hand in or else NO FINAL EXAM FOR YOU! Yep, a big goose egg or a bit fat 'F." However you prefer to think about it); or

(b) the details of work but there is that whole "privileged work product" and agreement not to discuss under pain of death thing in the Model Rules of Professional Conduct. I can tell you that I am meeting lots of very important people who will be very important to my career at some point; or

(c) how the Career Services advisor went postal on me because I told her I don't much care for working at a law firm since I'm not a mindless sheep who believes that a law firm is the "natural" path following law school. I actually have aspirations beyond document review and discovery. Maybe start a non-profit. Maybe travel the world with only a backpack and my skis; or

(d) my impending, permanent house guest but that really deserves a post all its own.

Instead, I thank you for stopping by and beseech you to continue to visiting. I will get my shit together someday soon. Maybe not all at once but those days are the ones of which great blog posts are made.

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