Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Interview, the Board Meeting, and the Snowman

I am a good interviewee. There are those people who think they are good interviewees but who really suck at it. I am not one of those people. I learned a long time ago that being myself in interviews works extremely well for me and I have never failed to receive an offer for a job for which I have interviewed. Well, okay, there was that one job that I was completely qualified for but, because it was government, the interviewer had to hire the Veteran. That is just the way the government works. I got no beef. Veterans serve our country in peace and war times and they have earned every concession they get.

So, yesterday, I had an interview. I was thirty minutes late to it because freezing weather (seriously, we have East coast weather here. Fucking -2 degrees!) and lazy transit drivers conspired to make me late. Still, I went. I had an amazing interview and totally clicked with my interviewer; forty minutes later I was offered the top salary for the job and my requirement to telecommute was endorsed.

Next stop: Board meeting with high-powered community leaders, lawyers and judges.

Lunch was catered. Another job offer was (unofficially) proffered, which sparked a boxing match between my employer and the offeror. I politely excused myself to cozy up to a Court of Appeals judge and to discreetly inquire about clerkship opportunities and Inn of Court openings. The name of the game is what, boys and girls? Network, network, network, then beg.

And, didja hear?! The party's over heah. I cannot wait! I am a card carrying Republican because of some of the family values platform stuff, but I'm also a bit of a bleeding heart. So, I can't wait to see Obama and Edwards in 2008. Maybe rub elbows with Hillary Clinton and ask her why she stayed with her unfaithful bastard of a husband. Or not.

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