Monday, January 15, 2007

Too Many Irons in the Fire

I like to stay busy. I feel restless if there is too much space in my day. Accordingly, I have wrung all the leisure (except for blogging, of course) out of my schedule. Almost every hour of my day is full up with work or child tending responsibilities. Yet, this coordinated busy-ness does not stop me from volunteering for more work. I consciously take on more than any reasonable person should handle because I'm ambitious? slightly unbalanced? totally crazy?

It should come as no surprise then, that I am shirking some responsibilities (good-bye, journal competition) but having trouble letting go of others (OCI Diversity program). In the back of my mind, a still, small voice tells me that I should not submit my application packet. I should not do it because the chances of me getting an interview and a job offer are quite high. Normally, a job offer would be a good thing but I have reached my maximum employment quota (two) and I simply don't have room for one more in my life.

But, what if that one pays double what your two jobs pay, you ask? That's all well and good except will the one job allow me to speak to Court of Appeals judges as an equal? Will that one job allow me unlimited contact with partners of the largest law firms in Denver? Will that one job permit me, nay encourage me, to do oodles of pro bono work? Though I have never worked or summered at a law firm, based on my classmates experience, I think the answer to all those questions is a resounding "no." Maybe with "hell" in front of it. So, I ask you, readers of this blog, why would I choose one job with arguably more money and more document review over two jobs with a decent amount of pay and loads of networking opportunities.

However, there is one big goose egg: I don't have an offer of permanent employment from the place where I am currently interning, which means I am free to entertain other offers. But, should I? My current employer wants me to stay put at least through the end of law school but then what? They don't seem to hire their interns; instead, most of their interns go to work for those judges and law firms I spoke of earlier. So, is it just one big networking party or will I be left without a date once the dance is over?

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