Thursday, February 15, 2007

In the Works

I am a Type A person and a law student, which means I have been thinking about this summer since last August. As it stands, I have two plans:

  1. Find (another) paid position related to actual lawyering. You know, research and writing briefs and maybe even a court appearance. My current position is heavy on the policy work, which includes some research and lots of article writing, but I love it. Still, I should try the real lawyering stuff, too, and I need to take a few summer classes.

  2. Attend summer school in Berlin. My Study Abroad request was approved. The classes are interesting, related to my career goals and, the best part, in Germany. I can finally put that four years of German to use! Also, I would take my mother and Lizzie because my mom loves Germany and kids should be exposed to other cultures whenever possible.

I really like Plan #2 and Madhubby is fine with my travelling the world; my mother-in-law would come out and help with Bubba and Olie. The sad part? Going to Germany costs less than summering at my home school. Yeah, my butt is sore from the broomstick. Thanks for asking.

So, it all hinges on whether or not I can find another paid position for summer. But, then again, why bother when I can go to Berlin and continue my interesting policy work from abroad? Decisions. Decisions.

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