Thursday, February 22, 2007


My brother-in-law is a lazy bastard whose laziness has only been exacerbated by a not-so-recent bout with pneumonia that left him with one less working lung. Much to his happiness, he can now use both the excuse that he's a lazy bastard and also his new "one lung" excuse. Lemme tell you, he really milks that one to the hilt. But, the only one buying his load of s*** is my mother-in-law.

"Jay can't help me mow the lawn, he's only got one lung."

"Jay can't help me grocery shop, he's only got one lung."

Jay can't help me put in a new faucet, he's only got one lung."

"Jay can't come over and spend time with me, he's only got one lung."

No, but Jay can go to Las Vegas and he can organize Star Trek conventions (yeah, he's geeky like that) not because he has one lung, but because he is a selfish bastard who only has one lung.

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