Monday, February 19, 2007

You Say It's Your Birthday

It's my birthday, too. I'm thirty-one years young, today. Being thirty (and now thirty-one) really isn't that much different from being twenty-two, except I have less freedom and more wisdom. Unfortunately, I also have many more responsibilities, which means I'll be attending a review session for an upcoming mid-term and writing an article for work rather than spending the day skiing like I would prefer.

It's not all work, though. Yesterday, we enjoyed a nice (sort of) leisurely breakfast at my favorite local haunt and tonight there may be cake, which can make even the worst day a whole lot better. Of course, I can always squeeze in a half-day of skiing right after that review session.

As for gifts, I'm just not that much into them. The gift of time is my favorite present. Skiing together, lunching together, or being tourists in our own backyard means more to me than receiving some shiny trinket.

Looking back on this last year, I have few regrets. We bought a new home in a area that is set to experience rapid appreciation. We've all been (mostly) healthy. The children have experienced some adjustment issues with school but nothing that is permanent or scarring. My career seems to be on the right track but only time will tell. Overall, though, my life is really good. I have a beautiful home, a beautiful family, and many, many blessings.

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