Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Cruel Summer

The summer schedule was released today and it fucking sucks. Three sections of Trial Practice. What the hell? It's totally a ploy by the administration to force students into typically low enrollment courses. Assholes. Two sections of Admin Law and Legal Profession? Fuck. I have (or will have) taken both of those boring-as-shit classes. Where's the Affordable Housing or Poverty Law seminars? A summer legal aid clinic would be nice. Nope. That's my law school. We're known for churning out students who have great practical skills. Policy and social justice courses? That stuff is for the birds and the ivy leagues.

I could take Street Law: Department of Corrections but I think I'll pass on spending my summer in prison. Also, I have absolutely no sympathy for prisoners, so I don't think I would make a great advocate for them. As of right now, I will either be enrolling in bullshit option #1: Advanced Legal Research or bullshit option #2: European Union (online). Evidence is also on my radar. It's going to be a long, long summer.

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