Wednesday, April 25, 2007

No One Likes a Pig

About four years ago, we received a stock grant from Madhubby's company with an option price of $4.08. At that time, the stock was tanking and had been as low as $3. We (jokingly) said we would sell when the stock got to $10 because we never thought that would happen. For months the stock price has varied, but it hovers right around $9 and never quite gets to that magic $10. It had been downgraded by MSN money to a "5" Stockscouter rating from its previously high "10" rating.

Today, we finally sold at $9.03. A 220% return is much better than we had hoped. Madhubby would have liked for us hold but It's Just Money talks about the craziness of that idea. The bright side is we now have capital to buy some other undervalued stock.

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