Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Power of Three

Three soccer games and one thirty page paper have kicked this mama's ass this weekend. Soccer started several weeks ago for us but snow and bad weather resulted in lots of cancellations, for which we are now paying the price. Olie's team plays on Saturdays and Sundays for the next few weeks. Oh, the joy of huddling on the sidelines with fellow moms-of-kids-under-three! It's an exercise in patience and refereeing especially when the Coach is daddy and Bubba has a serious case of daddy-jones.

I was able to wrap up my paper and I swear, I had better get a high grade on this fvcking thing. I put so much time, energy and blood (paper cuts are a bitch) into writing it. My brain is tired, y'all. No more paper classes for a bit. I need a break. Gawd, I don't know how my buddy can stand clerking when this is all she does: Research, write, re-write, repeat. Mind. Numbing.

We did manage to fit in two movies this weekend: Casino Royale and Happy Feet. Both movies rate very high on the suckage factor. Daniel Craig is a decent Bond but that schoolmarm as the Bond girl? Whatevah. Mumbles (Mambo!) was cute but why couldn't the movie just be about finding your own song? Why, oh, why did it have to lapse into docudrama mode? The kids didn't care. They just liked crazy penguins doing the Mambo and singing Boogie Wonderland. They watched it twice - once this morning - while we slept in a bit.

Oh, and my mother....don't even get me started. She's coming back for good because she's "quite fond of Colorado." It will be nice to have her around, but finals mode has switched on and I've got to stay focused. I can't deal with her drama right now. I've got to keep my priorities straight: sex, sleep, finals. Yep, that about sums it up.

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