Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bright Idea

Madhubby and I have been plotting our escape from planning a vacation with the children for awhile. Since neither of our parents are within driving distance, we thought a family vacation to a closer destination would fit the bill quite nicely.

We've settled on attending the Taos Solar Music Festival because I'm originally from New Mexico and three out of five family members absolutely love Taos (it's truly girls vs. boys on this one). Plus, William Topley is headlining the shin-dig, so off to Taos we go, but not without one small hitch: all the good and affordable family suites have been taken.

I quickly switched to plan B: leave the kids with friends and turn a family weekend into a romantic weekend at a local B&B. We only need one room and we can be as noisy as we like!

"So, your plan is for us to have sex all weekend?"



I think next time I will say my plan is actually for us to balance the checkbook all the weekend. Though given the effect numbers have on my guy, he mght still be just as excited.

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