Friday, May 11, 2007

Technical Difficulties

What a horrible day for a final exam! No, no...wait. That last bit implies that there might just be a "perfect" day for a final exam, which is very, very untrue. Instead, I shall say today was an even worse day than normal for a final exam.

I went to the small gym near my house (instead of the luxurious one a few more minutes east of my nabe) for my morning run. Oops. Only one decrepit treadmill with no cup holders for my iPod. I cut my run short by a full thirty minutes. It's hard to ignore the boredom of running when worrying about palm sweat and an impending iPod breakage.

Then, on my way to school, I rushed out of the house, leaving my soy Chai on the counter at home, which coupled with my failed workout means I was feeling both fat and downright grumpy. Entered the exam room. Stopped. Packed to the gills with people who I didn't even know were in my class. Mostly because I was also never in class. Finally found an empty seat after many failed attempts: This one's taken or This one has a broken ethernet/power source. Stupid Microsoft Vista patch blocked all of us from accessing the internet. Some of us moved to a different classroom in search of an internet high. We were rewarded with a much later start time than those people who were too settled to switch rooms.

First one done with the exam. Suspicious eyes followed me to the table where I left my exam, my extra sheets of paper, and a good part of my brain with the proctor. Immediately sold my Administrative Law book and took my pittance to the local Qdoba where the family and I dined al fresco on burritos au natural.

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