Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Scheduling Conflicts

I have rearranged my schedule no less than ten times since making my registration proclamation. Though it may seem like the actions of a madwoman, I assure you I am quite sane when making these changes. My first try at registration was excellent - I got into all the classes I desired. Then, the preschool acceptance arrived along with the realization that my classes extend beyond the end of Bubba's day. We have no nanny and no family living nearby to pick up the slack, or, in this case, the child, so back to the registration board.

Of the six day hours I have available, there are approximately two classes that fit into my schedule. Problem #1: the classes are on opposite days. Problem #2: it's only TWO freakin' classes! *sigh* That leaves me with only one option - night classes. I HATE going to night school. I am a morning person, so by three o'clock nearly all my energy for the day is spent and I just want to sit quietly with a glass of wine and a good book. I want to do that, but usually my afternoons are spent refereeing sibling fights and frantically weaving in and out of traffic in a quest to make it to piano/violin/soccer lessons on time.

Unfortunately, when it comes to my school schedule, I have little choice. Our school registrar has shown, time and again, her indifference to the scheduling needs of us lowly law students, so I am left to choose from the course offerings before me. Somehow, I have managed to fill my schedule with fifteen credits:
Poverty Law
Sales and Leases
Workers Compensation

but come August, my blogging may take a significant turn for the worse.

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