Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Back to Law School

There are quite a lot of you who visit my blog on a daily basis in the hopes of gleaning some special insight into law school. Don't try to deny it. Google magic tells me you're out there. I'm talking to you, "I haven't started a family and I'm too old for law school" and to you "I used to write well, then I went to law school." And, I can't forget "Montessori school satanism," but I suspect you were drawn to my blog for a different reason. Well, I have no pearls of wisdom save this: get used to tedium. Despite my warning, some of you still want some information. Okay, here goes, but it's just boring law school stuff. You've been warned!

I made a small change to my fall schedule. I dropped Sales (yes, I know its a bar subject) and I added a far more interesting class: Federal Indian Law. My decision was shockingly easy. Sales is painful, and, as a person who is both from New Mexico and who still travels there quite frequently, I might actually practice Indian Law someday. Plus, it's interesting to me. Besides, I still have time to cram my schedule full of bar subjects, but Federal Indian Law is one of those classes that comes around only once every few years or so - kind of like Poverty Law, which I'm also taking.

I checked my school bookstore for my books and (surprise!) they only sell new copies. I like shiny and new, but I also like to eat. Since, I'm already shelling out thousands of dollars in law school tuition, I am motivated to get the best deal possible on books. I know Amazon is great for used books, but our SBA runs a consignment bookstore that offers the same low prices with instant gratification. Bonus!

And, finally, the last rite of law school passage: locker assignments. Somehow I missed the memo about locker renewal and I am in danger of losing my prime locker spot. I e-mailed Student Affairs right away and I am waiting to hear back from them. It's not too big of a deal if my locker has been re-assigned, but the whole process of getting (and keeping) a locker is just a pain in the ass.

So, there you have it. My law school stuff. I warned you it was painfully boring stuff. I know you are thinking I'm being dull on purpose, but trust me, it only goes downhill from here.


Kelly said...

In law school, I signed up for Admiralty Law. Not because I knew anything about it or ever anticipated practicing it, but because it sounded really interesting. School - even law school - is, I think, more about getting an education, not preparing for a job. I wanted to know stuff - and despite filling my schedule with such gems as Admiralty Law and Customary Law in English Speaking Western Africa (oh yeah), I went on to become a tax attorney.

Take the fun courses, the ones that you like. You'll pick up all of the other stuff in practice.

LawSchoolMom said...

@ kelly: I agree with you, law school is about learning stuff. I'll get the JD like everyone else, but I also feel the journey is just as important.