Sunday, August 26, 2007

I Just Saved a Bunch of Money on My Textbooks

It should come as no surprise that textbooks, specifically law school textbooks, are the biggest racket around. New court decisions and changes in statutes drive the release of new editions, which are churned out before you've even cracked your first exam.

I've been a student for awhile now, so I'm no stranger to a college bookstore or to but, without fail, I procrastinate every year when it comes time to purchase my textbooks so I'm left flailing and frantically searching for books. I usually stop by the law school consignment store for a good laugh because they never have the books I need; if I were enrolled in Civ Pro or Contracts, I'd be golden. Panicked, my next stop is the campus bookstore where they gladly empty the contents of my bank account and send me on my merry way.

Well, yesterday, I got mad and I was also feeling a little broke. Those two feelings in combination often lead to really good ideas or to really bad times spent culling through my already depleted cd collection looking for discs with few scratches suitable for resale.

My really good idea that is so un-original as to be laughable? Comparison shopping. A few quick pecks of the keyboard at* and I immediately knew I had spent way too much money on my shiny new books: $135.50 for Basic Criminal Procedure + $103.50 for Secured Transactions. From, I purchased a new Secured Transactions text for the unbelievable low price of $69 and a slightly used Basic Crim Pro book for $50. A savings of nearly $120 after shipping and handling!

I was an idiot. I can admit that because if my moments of idiocy can help YOU save a bunch of money on your textbooks, then hey, my job is done.

*I am not employed by nor have I received compensation from I'm just your everyday gal trying to save a few pennies.


PT-LawMom said...

Amazon is my very best friend. I have a Prime membership (free two-day shipping) and the two combined save me tons of money. Even marketplace purchases with the small $3.99 shipping fee save me money. Love it!

Proto Attorney said...

I'm such a scrooge... I go to the campus bookstore to buy all my books, go home and look up the books on Amazon/ and if I can get any of them cheaper, I order them online and return the extras to the bookstore. That saved me, even with shipping, $180 this year. The bookstore doesn't appreciate it, but if they weren't in the business of ripping off college students, I might actually feel sorry for them.

LawSchoolMom said...

Oh, I immediately rushed over to the campus bookstore and returned my extras. I also told the clerk that if the bookstore priced books competitively, then more law students would buy from them and not online or at the SBA consignment bookstore.

I don't feel sorry for them, either! I'm also really glad campus bookstores no longer have a stranglehold on us struggling students.