Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Thousand Beignets

Yesterday when I picked Lizzie up from school, she was on a high from her seventh period French class. When she went to school in the morning she didn't have French class, she had computer lab with "sweaty boys on either side," so come seventh period, she was pleasantly surprised to find the sweat hogs had been replaced with a vibrant classroom full of her best-est, most giggly-est friends.

As we drove home from school, she chatted about an upcoming field trip that had been discussed in class. The only snafu: she didn't know the field trip destination. We had a grand time speculating wildly. She (jokingly) guessed France. I took a more serious tact and guessed a French restaurant. We both agreed a bake sale would be a fantastic way to raise capital for whatever was planned.

Today, she learned the field trip destination: Montreal. As in Canada. As in $2000. For a 6th grade field trip! Of course, she's dying to go because everyone is going. So, um, if anyone is interested in buying one or two thousand beignets, you know how to reach me.


Proto Attorney said...

$2000 to go to Canada???? That sounds like an outrageous price, but I guess it's too far to drive from where you are. :(

We sold suckers in high school to raise money for a trip, and it was pretty successful. The suckers were $1 and we kept $0.50 (they were the really big suckers). It was an ongoing fundraiser. Probably rotted everyone's teeth out, but oh well.

LawSchoolMom said...

At the very least, I hope that price includes airfare and hotel. Some relatives of mine recently paid $1500/pp to travel by bus from Alabama to DC. Talk about brutal!

pseudostoops said...

WOW, that is a lot for a trip to Canada. But I was not allowed to go on my class trip to D.C. and still feel bitter about it 20 years later, so I feel your pain. I will buy a virtual beignet, if it helps.