Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Apple is the New Oprah

Have you noticed that whenever Apple grabs onto a song and injects it into an iPod commercial, that song then spreads like a virus over the airwaves? The latest iPod hit? 1234 by Feist. Ohmigod. Lame song. Lamer video. I'd download some Kanye West to my iPod before adding Feist to my play list and that's major because I think Kanye West sucks. Plus, he's angry. I don't mind that he's angry because I can totally rock angry; I was that black girl bumping NWA and Tupac back in the day but I can't take that he's angry and walks around like his sh*t don't stink.

But Feist is straight-up trash. Apple ought to fire their talent scout and just play regular music for the masses. Did they sell fewer units when their commercials featured U2 instead of some random, robotic punk girl? No, I don't think so. I'd wager, they sold more units that month because the U2 iPod was so cool. Now that my favorite Indie station plays Feist's stupid song at least once an hour, I have to find a new radio station because one more oooh-oh-oh is enough to make me go ghetto.

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