Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Class Acts

I'm sitting in Property with a bunch of 1L's. Just so we're clear, I heartily rail against the combining of 3Ls with 1Ls. I also now know why my school "discourages" upperclassmen from taking classes with 1L's. Some of them really suck. There are super gunners and scared, deer-in-the-headlights students all crammed into one room and I think God, was I ever like this? Were my 1L friends this annoying, this dumb, this green? I think so. I remember saying some very stupid things in Torts class that still make me hang my head in shame.

It has taken a two years of distance for me to realize just how much professors of introductory classes really do force feed students. The Socratic method - at least in my Property - class is nothing to fear. My professor is so sweet and so kind, that if you don't get the answer on the first or fifth try, she still gives you a verbal pat on the back buttressed by the correct answer. Naturally, my Property professor is an anomaly.

Most of my professors are contentious and argumentative and they bluntly and rudely ask students whether their brains are made of mush and - really - how the hell they even got into law school. It's brutal, it's hazing, it's temporary and it separates the wheat from the chaff; either you can give it as good as you get - by giving the right answers most of the time while managing your Fantasy Football team and IMing your buddy across the way - or you can go freeze up and piss yourself in front of your future colleagues.

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