Sunday, October 7, 2007

Clean Sweep - The Rockies Home Edition

The Rockies swept the Phillies last night in the National League Division Series, so it's on to the NLCS and the D-Backs. We can take them. No problem (Ya hear that Arizona? That's 50,000 fans heralding the end of your post season).

The game was a kick in the pants as usual and a tad more enjoyable because the kiddos were home in bed at my mom's house. So it was just Madhubby and I on a date night with fifty-thousand of our buddies. Of course, not everyone was there to watch the game and this home edition goes out to those special brand of fans otherwise known as Fair Weather -
  • The DINKAS (Double Income No Kid Assholes): We know you're cool. Your Cole Haan shoes paired with your Diesel jeans and corduroy blazer layered over your vintage Pink Floyd tee shirt tells us so. And, your girlfriend - she's a total man magnet. We know this because your hands were surgically attached to her lovely lady lumps the entire night - when you weren't too busy checking out her friend and downing $7 Coors Lights. Also, I want to personally thank you for blocking the aisle, and the view, every chance you got so everyone could be exposed to your coolness.
  • The Frat Boys - You guys. We can always count on you for a good time. You're rowdy, drunk and loud at all the wrong times. You crowd us, you try to steal our seats when we go to the bathroom, and you spill your beer on us. We know you do it because you love us. And, don't worry about interrupting our enjoyment of the game with your frequent trips to the beer line. Pissing yourself during the 8th inning is thanks enough.

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