Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tuesday Night

We've gotten to know the Hippie DINKs, Paul and Sara. We like them. A lot. Sara is a lot like me: a Neo-hippie who digs indie rock and is prone to expression through artistic means. Sara also reminds me of an old college friend who went totally crazy once she fled her Pennsylvania Dutch hometown and shed her Mennonite ways; she embraced wild parties, drugs, and a frequent renter card at the local adult "theater." My friend eventually moved back to Lancaster, much to the dismay of her new, non-Mennonite husband, had two children, and took over her family's business. Sara's life, I imagine, is much how my friend's life would have been had she chosen a different path.

We like Paul and Sara so much that we invited them over in the middle of the week for no reason at all. You know, it's amazingly easy to have an impromptu party when your neighbors are your friends. And, they live right over the fence. And, they belong to the Wine-of-the-Month club. Things just kind of...come together. We lit the fire bowl, poured some Appletini's and stayed up way too late. We had a raucous time - just like when I was in my early twenties. Only now, instead of people puking all over me, they stumble to their own yards to do it.

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