Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bee Line

If you love Jerry Seinfeld (like me), then you should definitely check out The Bee Movie this weekend. I admit it: when I first saw Jerry Seinfeld outfitted in a bee suit, I thought what the hell? Because I have children who are totally tuned in, I wasn't ignorant for very long. Between Lizzie and Olie I got the full story, intermixed with begging, about The Bee Movie. Last night, we succumbed to the pleading.

It seems Barry Bee is a busy little litigator out to sting the honey industry, so there are some lawyer jokes; I hate lawyer jokes. People who deride lawyers forget the good things lawyers do, like fight for equal rights, and instead focus on the negative aspects of the profession. The traits that lawyer-haters ridicule - tenacity and abstract thinking (though some call it deception) - are the very skills that have helped shape our society. But, I digress.

The Bee Movie. There is love, law, and honey. Though not necessarily in that order. There are cameos by Patrick Warburton (Puddy!), Matthew Broderick (he is so darn adorable even in animation) Chris Rock, Larry King, Sting, and Ray Liotta. I know, it seems random but when you see the movie, you'll get it. The Bee Movie tackles corporate greed and the Vanishing Bee epidemic all in one fell swoop. If only the answer to the latter were as simple as Spielberg and crew make it. Overall, though, the Bee Movie is very cute without being overly syrupy and it's totally suitable for ages 3-36.

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