Friday, November 30, 2007

My Lovely Lady Links

I've added a few new blogs to my blogroll one of which was seriously overdue. Hello! She's got three kids. I've got three kids. She was in law school. I'm (unfortunately still) in law school. How did I not know about LC and why wasn't she blogrolled sooner?! I do not know. But she's on there now and, lemme tell ya, I've been a regular over there for the past two days.

I also had to re-subscribe to Pleasant View Schoolhouse because I have PVS envy. No, really. Anna speaks to my inner Donna Reed and hers is the life I imagine when I allow myself time to dream. She's a mother, a gifted seamstress, an entrepreneur, and an extraordinary hostess who also happens to be an attorney. I totally heart her.

Another blog that's been getting a lot of clicks from me is Millionaire Mommy. Personal finance blogs are what first drew me to the blogosphere. I started in NYC with Madame X. Her candor is refreshing and intoxicating because people don't talk about money - it's a taboo subject - but Madame X, and a host of other PF bloggers, have turned that notion on its head and I like it.

I like reading about real people and their money because it inspires me to take chances and really think about making our money work for us. I've already made some budgetary changes and I'm looking forward to achieving some of our financial goals. First up: Tackling our 11k annual food budget.

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legally certifiable said...

Awww, thanks for the shout out. I think you made my day.