Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Delete Key Challenged

Ohmygosh, each day I am amazed at how cruel girls can be towards one another! Lizzie has recently really started using her e-mail account. It keeps her in touch with her friends here and her cousins in other states. Unbeknownst to her, I receive a copy of every e-mail she gets. Well, this morning I check my gmail account and there is a message from one of Lizzie's friends that says: Stop E-mailing me. Your messages are never important. How rude! A few weeks prior, the same little girl sent Lizzie a request to only e-mail when she had something "important" to say because Lizzie had been forwarding her a lot of chain mail.

But, the thing is all the girls do it. All of Lizzie's friends send her Secret Crush and Best Friend Quiz e-mails. It's totally okay with her and - I think - increases the bond between her and her friends. I think kids use e-mail much like they use texting - as an informal way to shout out to one another. E-mail is just another cog in the social wheel, but Lizzie's one little friend just isn't getting it and, unfortunately, I think it's hurt her friendship with Lizzie.

And today, another good friend called Lizzie early this morning to tell her she can't go to the dance with her because she's going with a boy. Nice way to just dump your friend. If girls do this to each other at eleven, then it's small wonder thirty-year-old women treat each other like dirt.

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2L Wannabe said...

This is so true of girls-to-women. These are habits that don't change, and in fact they get worse. The girl that will dump you for a dat with a boy to the dance, will later be the high school senior who will "lose" your calls when a boy beeps in, and later still a college roomie who will never sleep in your shared room because she is shacking and then in "adulthood" will be that friend who only calls when the Bad Boy/Bad Hubby of the moment is being bad. *sigh* We are such a silly lot at times. We must resolve to start a revolution.