Saturday, January 26, 2008

Snow Games: Aspen Edition

Today, Madhubby and I learned a lot during our trek to the ESPN Winter X games:

  • The sky in Aspen is really blue

  • The Aspen police have a better ride than us (yeah, it's a Volvo XC90)

  • Hot Cocoa in shiny, silvery packets tastes better

  • The X game half-pipe is ridiculously steep, which explains why the competitors never pull off any of the tricks we do in SSX.

  • Foot-long tacos are kinda cool when crafted out of foam and fashioned into a hat

  • And, next year, no matter how much they beg, the children are staying home with Grandma

1 comment:

EatPlayLove said...

It sure does get chilly on that mountainside! We love the X games, but didn't make it this year. I enjoyed watching it from a condo in winter park, yes complete with a fireplace.