Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Almost Summer (Break)

The first week of T&E is behind me.  It's manageable, or rather, it is as manageable as a massive, four-credit course can be during summer term (i.e. it sucks).  The kids are nearly out of school, but not quite, so there has been some schedule shuffling.  Today, I had a rare, early morning breakfast meeting, which did nothing to improve my mood for my sucky, afternoon class. Thankfully, childcare for the odd, in-office, work meeting is easily handled by Madhubby and/or grandma. 

Tomorrow, I will use the first of my five excused absences to attend the middle school honors assembly.  Lizzie is getting an award and I can't miss it.  Then (finally) an official start to summer for the kiddos (sleeping in, yay!) and hopefully some found time to catch up with friends and work on equity boosting home improvement projects.  

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