Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Last Paper

My semester is over but finals aren't really over for me because I still need to submit my seminar paper.  It's due tomorrow by 5pm.  I had good intentions of submitting it prior to leaving town last weekend but I didn't do it.  Then, I planned on working on it yesterday, but my mother-in-law was still in town, and I didn't want to be rude, so she and I went to the museum and then out to lunch with Madhubby.  I briefly looked over my rough draft last night before curling up on the sofa with Madhubby and a glass of wine. But today, I putzed around on the internet (researching consumption taxes) and took a nap with Bubba.  

I've been working on it this evening while Madhubby reviews Algebra with Lizzie and helps Olie write a poem for school.  I keep thinking I really should go for a run but it's 80 degrees and a cold beer sounds better.  And, now, I'm blogging.  But, I think I will take a beer, a slice of key lime pie and my seminar paper down to the basement where it's cooler and where I can be further distracted by the insanity of Hell's Kitchen and pretend to do some work before heading to bed.   

**I finished the paper and e-mailed it to my professor.  I'm pretty sure it's the worst piece of crap I've ever written.  Even my first year trial brief was better than this.  Oh, well.  It's done! Now I can enjoy four days of freedom before summer term starts.  


Kady said...

You closed the comment on your honesty post, probably for good reason. I'm pretty honest in my blog about how frustrating it is to do the balance, and the toll it's taken, mostly on my marriage.

I also don't mind that you don't approve of mothers that do the shuffle thing, but it is a very realistic part of being a lawyer and mommy - and, by extension, using LS as practice.

LawSchoolMom said...

Yes, you seem pretty honest on your blog which I really appreciate. Your blog is a lot more like real life (or my life anyway). Marriage, parenting and law school/being a lawyer is HARD WORK and you have the courage to blog it all. A truly enjoyable, if not sometimes painful, read. So refreshing, though.

Totally Random Comment: I LOVE the personal finance stuff you have incorporated because pf blogs are what initially lured me to the blogosphere.

sorel top said...

congrats on another semester under your belt! no easy task.