Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Chicken, Airplane, Soldier, Hope

I've spent a fair share of my adult life in school gyms, auditoriums, and classrooms. I've been to school plays, orchestra performances, soccer games, tennis matches, and hydrogen car races. I am at the point where I can skip some performances without much guilt or apology and I no longer take pictures or record school performances. There is only so much footage I can bear of my offspring before it all just kind of runs together.

But today is a day I would have liked to preserve in pictures. Bubba had his first swim lesson and he looked so sweet sitting on the edge of the pool, idly splashing water while waiting his turn with the instructor. He was an eager learner once he was in the pool. He blew bubbles on cue, he perfectly executed chicken/airplane/soldier, and he was calm. For a moment, I forgot how much I disliked swim lessons.

Today, I was just so relieved that Bubba did well because swim lessons with Olie at this age had been a disaster for her and for us. She was rough and full of energy whereas Bubba is relaxed. Olie could not wait her turn, but instead forged ahead into the pool on her own. I finally completely withdrew her from lessons out of concern for her safety.

But Bubba is amazingly calm in the water (not so much on land) and it gives me hope that maybe he is not as hyperactive as his sister, that a child of mine can behave properly in lessons, and that this time will be different. Bubba is not Olie. Bubba will not disrupt lessons and demand turn after turn on the duck-shaped body board. This time I won't be that parent with the naughty toddler who doesn't share the water toys. This time it will be better.


Hyphen Mama said...

Wynnie is retaking the guppy class because last year she didn't pass. She's doing much better this year, because now she knows what to expect.

LawSchoolMom said...

Two rounds of each level is pretty much standard in my house because the kids either don't pass or they just need a refresher.

Thankfully, swim lessons are a cheap way to keep cool during the summer and the kids are almost guaranteed to nap. So worth it for that reason alone!