Monday, June 23, 2008

Stuck in a Moment

I'm SUPPOSED to be enjoying my summer but I can't because stupid law school bullshit keeps infringing on my fun. Take yesterday for instance. We spent the whole day lounging around the house, working on crossword puzzles, napping, and playing in the backyard with the kidlets. Then, FOR NO REASON AT ALL, I started freaking out about school because I haven't done any internships and I was worrying about flunking out in my last semester and before I knew it, I was pouring myself a second glass of Pinot Grigio while Madhubby talked me down from the ledge. Not good. It's summer for chrissakes. A class-less summer at that.

And today, the same negative thoughts about school and the legal profession in general are on a loop inside my head and I have to work hard to push all that negativity to the back of my brain and tell myself it will all be worth it in the end even though I don't actually believe my own hype. But for awhile everything is ok and I launch into cheerleader mode Rah-Rah. GO Law! Then I read shit like this, burn my pom-poms and down a whole bottle of wine.

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sorel top said...

a big law firm in one city is no indication of how other firms are. if that's the way PH treats people, no wonder they are short on clients and had to lay associates off.

the beauty of a jd is that it opens lots of doors regardless of whether you go into private practice or not.

enjoy your summer and those kiddos. they grow up fast!