Saturday, July 19, 2008

The First Concert

My mother used to wake me for school by blasting Tracy Chapman on the turntable. I hated it and I swore that when I was older that I wouldn't make my kids listen to sucky music.

I now own every single Tracy Chapman cd and I blast her music in the car while singing - really loudly and really off-key. My girls are not at all embarrassed by my wild dancing or by my terrible singing. They often join in and we laugh and have a grand old time and scare motorists who might happen to glance our way.

In general, Lizzie and like the same music. Well, except for Jonas Brothers. She thinks "they totally rock." I think they totally suck.

Since we do share musical tastes, I'm excited to take her to her first concert but I've yet to suss out the details. I wanted to take her to Jack Johnson at Red Rocks but he's sold-out. Of course. The Mile High Music Festival is out because it's being held in Commerce City and Commerce City sucks. I am not going there. I don't care how many fancy-pants soccer stadiums they stick in CC - It will always suck. Chris Isaak would have been great. Sold-out.

Do you see the issue here? I'm searching for reasonably priced, family friendly music, but I keep striking out. An outdoor venue is preferred, with Red Rocks at the top of the list, but I may not find that one perfect family concert with this summer rapidly coming to a close.

If it doesn't happen this year, then there is always next year. But by then our tastes may be different or, worse, Lizzie might think her old mom's loud singing and awkward dancing really isn't all that cool.

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Kate Olson said...

Ok, no help on finding a concert, but just have to say that I LOVE Tracy Chapman - even liked her when I was a kid and my mom blared it :-) Now when I sing and dance and my kids are around, my 2 year old screams "No singing, mommy - you're too BIG" - sigh, it's started already - she's ashamed of me at 2, I thought this would wait til she was at least 8 or so!

Let us know what concert you find!