Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Upgraded from Retarded Turtle to Swimmer

Praise Jesus, Lizzie, The Retarded Turtle can swim! She wasn't retarded at all, just slow. Now that she's gotten the hang of this swimming thing, she can go for awhile in an awkward, almost straight direction. Not only can she stay in her own lane most of the time, but she can also tread water for SEVEN MINUTES, which is a family record. Of all the women in my huge extended family, only my mother and I can swim but neither of us can tread water, which pretty much eliminates any open water swimming. I chalk it up to "heavy bones," but it's probably something more common like sheer laziness.


ImNobody said...

Yeah! Congratulations!

As a former guru of all things swim, I can assure you that it is all downhill from here.

As a former (ha. ha. ha. Former.) Awkward, I also heartily recommend water polo, when she gets big enough. No falling down! High premium on varied skills (go fast, OR be big, OR tread water, OR shoot well OR get in someone else's way)! Under-represented sport with no soccer-cliques! It's pretty much the greatest.

Hyphen Mama said...

Yay for Lizzie! It took Wynnie 2 tries to pass the "guppy" swim lessons for 3 year-olds. I actually didn't believe it when my hubby told me she "didn't pass" the first time. Can kids NOT pass swim lessons? Apparently so. Now...on to Minnow. We're hoping for the best.

Good Luck Lizzie! Slow is just fine.

manager mom said...

Swimming is overrated. As long as you don't plan on going any cruises or anything.