Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Daddy, Smiter of Preschooler Ailments, Center of Universe

We've reached a peculiar milestone with Bubba, one that entails endless requests for "something to drink," mixed in with a healthy nighttime dose of "my stomach hurts," "I can't sleep," and, most telling of all, "I want Daddy."

We have officially entered the Daddy phase wherein anything that must be done for Bubba can only be done best by his father. When Bubba invariably awakens in the middle of the night because he has wet the bed, it's Daddy he wants to change his sheets and clothes. It's Daddy he requests on a nightly basis to comfort him, to read him a story, or to just be near him.

And I'm not the least bit jealous because when the nighttime calling begins, I settle into bed with a good book or I take an extra long hot shower. In other words, I take a little break from parenting and I let Daddy sort out all problems and fix whatever it is that ails Bubba. It's good for them both because Bubba knows he can count on his dad for support and kindness; moms aren't the only ones who can kiss away the boogie man.

Some nights, Madhubby is not gentle or responsive or patient because he's tired, but I encourage him to be kind and to think long-term about the emotional development of our son. Most times that works but I understand how overwhelming it can be to sate the needs of a three year old boy. I spend long days trying to do just that but his needs are never quelled for long.

But on the nights when it does all come together and Madhubby isn't cranky or ill-tempered, he takes over and gives both Bubba and myself some much needed peace of mind.

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