Monday, September 1, 2008

November Knockdown: Jobama vs. McPalin

I think Senator John McCain is buying into his own hype a little too fervently these days.  Note to Big Mac: We don't really believe you're a maverick no matter how many times your camp runs ads saying that you are, but it's ok, because we like you pretty much the way you are. Oh, and choosing Sarah Palin as your running mate is a smart but not a particularly bold move.

But Sarah Palin is a very appealing candidate because her views are not radically different from current GOP ideology.  She is fiscally conservative, pro-life, pro-guns, pro-military, and pro-family values. Honestly, Sarah Palin could be any one of the Republican women I know in real life who are committed to their families and to their country; women who are staunch social conservatives  

Yeah, so what that she is inexperienced.  So is Senator Obama and people are ardently campaigning for him to become our next President; Obamania is rampant in this country. However, unlike Obama, Palin is not running for the top office so her lack of experience isn't that big of a deal.  I mean, If Obama can learn on the job, then so can Palin.  

Palin's obvious strength is her stance on ANWR.  I strongly support drilling in ANWR and so does Palin, but McCain is wary of it.  With Palin as his VP choice maybe Mac is poised to reconsider his stance on ANWR.  I certainly hope so.  

There are a few mysteries though like how the heck she got tapped for Vice President. And, I don't know Palin's stance on immigration but I do hope it's tougher than McCain's because I am vehemently opposed to amnesty for illegal immigrants.  I will be waiting and watching to see what Palin has to say.  

I would have preferred Mitt Romney on the ticket just to spice things up a little, but Palin is a good choice. Someone said the test will be how she handles herself in debates with Biden. You know, I think debates are difficult tests for every candidate but I think Palin will do just fine. I'm not too worried; McCain's people will prep her well. 
The people who should be worried are Obamaniacs because Obama's got nothing.  He doesn't have any real solutions, just another mouthful or rhetoric.  So, yeah, bring on the debates.  I can't wait to see McPalin kick some Jobama butt!  

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Hyphen Mama said...

I've been watching everything I can get my eyes on about Palin. I love her. I'll be interested to see the debates between she and Biden.