Saturday, September 13, 2008

Silver Bullet Lining

Law school is good, still sucky, but good. I'm about 86% sure I don't want to be a lawyer but in the meantime I've got a bright spot of a class livening up an otherwise dull schedule. It's taught by an adjunct, who is also a partner at a big local firm. This guy is funny, interesting and...I know...I'm gushing, but the guy is amazing.

Only thing: I feel sorry for his secretary because she is tasked with making a bazillion copies of materials for us. And if we happen to miss a class Mr. Awesome Adjunct says "Call my secretary, she'll get you copies." I bet when she applied for the job she had no idea her duties would consist of fielding calls from angsty law students.

Plus, Mr. AA buys us beer as a reward for making it through the week because skipping classes and not doing the reading takes prolonged and concerted effort; after a while all that slacking really takes its toll on the average law student. 

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