Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fresh Wax, First Tracks

Arapahoe Basin, known affectionately as A-Basin, and Loveland will fire up their lifts at 8:30 am. My skis are waxed, my kids are school-bound, and the Subie is gassed up, but I'm not heading to the high country just yet. I've skied both places before: A-Basin does nothing for me - it's a place for purists - and Loveland is too freaking cold. I'm talking about winds so icy that they rip right through your base layer and freeze your bones.

Besides I've got work to do. I know. No self-respecting Coloradan would choose work over skiing; there's a reason why so many Coloradans telecommute. But, I'm not jonesing to ski A-Basin or Loveland. I like a handful of other ski areas that are still a few weeks from opening, but when they open you can bet I will be on the mountain. Anyway, if the Farmer's Almanac is accurate I have a lot of powder days ahead of me so missing one day is no big deal.


Hyphen Mama said...

Oh dear lord! I've sworn the past 2 winters that I'd get Wynnie up on the slopes. I have not done so YET. This has to be the year. UGH. That means I'm going to have to don my duds and hit the bunny slope, too. It's been a solid 12 years since I've been on skis. My body is going to hate me.

LawSchoolMom said...

That first day out is gonna be tough but you can do it! Just think about how much fun Wynnie will have. Plus, a hot toddy and a hot tub are the perfect apres skiing recipe!