Thursday, November 6, 2008

Apples and Lemons

Three days after I dropped my computer at The Apple Store for repairs it was returned to me with another brand-spankin'-new Main Logic Board. The iBook G4 is officially a lemon.

My iBook has had five repairs - three of them logic boards - in roughly four years. I know computers aren't designed to last forever, but c'mon, I've got an old Powerbook holding on for dear life. There hasn't been so much as a hiccup with that thing. Even the original battery still holds power. I've bought two batteries for my iBook since buying this lemon of a computer.

Of course, I don't dare say it's a lemon out loud because then it might break again and next time the Apple Store may not be so gracious as to pick up the tab. Yep, I strong armed Apple into paying for this repair after the AppleCare guy admitted the iBook logic boards are duds and that Apple knows about the problem. Hello?! Stop installing faulty parts. 

It's a clever plan to force people to upgrade to the MacBook. Well, guess what Mr. Jobs, that's not happening right now because this girl is too damn cheap. If push comes to shove, that old Powerbook I've got in the basement can easily shoulder my school load for one more semester. 

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Hyphen Mama said...

What? Apple computers never have problems. Haven't you seen the commercials?