Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bundesrepublik Deutschland

I have been planning my Bar Trip since I first heard discovered there was such a thing. For the uninitiated, the Bar Trip is a vacation one commences after taking the Bar Exam. Several people I know have gone to Europe. Central America, Costa Rica in particular, is a hot destination.I plan to visit Germany, a place that has been at the top of my destination list for awhile.

Twenty-six years ago, my mother was stationed in Frankfurt. She lived there for six years and, to hear her tell it, she had so much fun and, now, so much regret that she ever returned home to the states. Imagine! If my mother had stayed in Germany, then I might be writing this blog in German. Sadly, I am nowhere near as fluent as I should be considering I took four years of German and participated in several German immersion camps during my youth.

Madhubby also has a fascination with Germany because it is the country of his ancestors. He has dreams - not daydreams but real REM-sleep-induced dreams - of owning a farm in Germany. Except he has never lived or worked a farm a day in his life and is definitely not a "wake up early to milk the cow and collect the eggs" kind of person. So maybe his farming dream is really a country estate/man of leisure dream which is not unlike the similarly slothful dreams of other thirty-something men I know.

But, we will go to Germany if we can pinch enough pennies between now and July. Temperate weather, interesting historical sights, and its proximity to France, Switzerland, and Amsterdam makes Germany an ideal choice for us. There, Madhubby can retrace the steps of his ancestors and I can relax and play in the place my mother loves best.


Hyphen Mama said...

Germany is at the top of my list of must-visit places. The history. The architecture.

I hope you get to go.

Karen said...

Am I the only person who thought you meant bar trip as in a trip to a bar????

LawSchoolMom said...

@ Karen: Probably not...I should have been clearer.

Catherine said...

I love Germany! I especially love Bavaria. I lived there in college and now have very close friends in Bad Reichenhall which is close to Salzburg. It's beautiful there. You can go see how non-litigous people live. When I took my tiny kiddos last year, I was in shock over how nonchildproofed everything was. As a bonus, no one will make you wear helmets.