Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Best Part of Breaking Up

When Madhubby* and I have an argument, we really have an argument. I yell, I throw things, I kick things, I break things...you see a pattern, here? I am a physical fighter. Madhubby is a slow burner. He does not yell or throw things. He sits back and waits for me to wear myself out. Only then can we have a semi-rational conversation.

Our fighting style works for us. We hash things out pretty well this way. But, the downside is we are loud and our kids sometimes hear us fighting, which I know is bad for their emotional well-being.

So damage control has to be done post-argument. We talk to the children and reassure them that we love them and that parents fight. It's a natural part of relationships. We do the best we can. Hopefully, they won't end up scarred by the booming noises of our arguing or by the decidedly different, yet equally vociferous, noises of our reconciliation.

*I know, it's 2009, and I promised a new moniker for the hubs. No progress yet, so MH it is for now.

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sorel top said...

It's good for kids to know that you can be honest with one another and work things out together. It's the only way they'll learn about how a real and healthy relationship looks like. I think the only kids scarred by parents fighting are those that fight for fighting's sake or abuse one another or they never find reconciliation.