Thursday, January 15, 2009

Getting Schooled

This semester is supposed to be my "easy" semester. Yeah, sure. Someone forget to tell my professors I was taking it easy this semester: six papers (five in one class), a presentation, an oral exam, strict attendance requirements, and mandatory class participation.

One class, I hated the minute the professor opened her mouth but Madhubby thinks I should stick it out because the class involves an important subject area that is extremely relevant to my future practice goal. But, gawd, the professor is a bitch.

In another class, the professor asks students use their laptops only for class-related purposes. I consider Scrabble and Mob Wars class-related. Both games make class bearable. Without the diversion, I would be tempted to skip class. Thus, Scrabble and Mob Wars actually contribute to my class attendance. Hey, I use whatever means necessary to achieve mediocrity.

But, the saddest part of this semester is Thursday Beer Nights are over. None of my professors are cool enough - or enlightened enough - to buy us beer. I admit: last semester was a nice surprise. Still, I am not looking forward to Thursday evening class as much this year. What's my motivation? Go to class and be sober the whole time? Oh, the inhumanity of it!

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gudnuff said...

"future practice goal"? Tell us, tell us! Oh please tell us.