Friday, April 17, 2009

Sex in the Parent Hood

  • Exchange steamy text and instant messages with your husband during the work day. Ratchet up the naughty factor by sending him picture mail of his favorite body part of yours. 
  • Do not lend your cellphone to your tween daughter because when she types "p," your phone will give her options that will require a long, awkward explanation ending with "you'll understand when you're married."
  • Invite your guy to the gym to engage his competitive spirit. 
  • Resist the urge to have sex in the family cabanas. 
  • At home, ask him to wash your back during your shower. He will stick around unless you kick him out of the bathroom. 
  • Lock the bathroom door to avoid interruption from small children looking for a Lego building buddy
  • Flirt with him while making dinner. Play footsies under the table. 
  • Be careful not to kick the children. 
  • Put the kids to bed early and race each other to the bedroom for some old-fashioned quality time. Don't forget to lock the door! 

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